iVech Features

iVech is a comprehensive management system which features a number of tools to make the day to day running of your rental business much easier

The links to the left provide more in-depth information about the iVech rental system, or this page contains a small overview about each section.

  • Dashboard - Provides a general overview of the company on that day
  • Rentals - Stores past and future rentals including our colour coded diary
  • Vehicles - Manage your fleet, include costs and repairs
  • Customers - Store information, manage account customers and more
  • Damages - Keep track of all damages connected to your fleet
  • Invoicing - Manage invoices for account customers
  • Reports - View and download reports about every aspect of your business
  • Accounts - Manage suppliers, generate VAT returns and monitor your profit / loss
  • Hireguard - iVech integrates with Hireguard to provide protection from known bad hirers
  • Tracking - iVech integrates with tracking companies to provide vehicle tracking within the system
  • Website - If you've got an iVech powered website, you can manage it from here
  • HR - Manage your staff and their holidays
  • Settings - Setup iVech to match your hire company perfectly
  • Logs - Keep track of individual movements within the system

Managing bookings from multiple sources quickly and concise is essential for busy hire offices to maintain efficiency and accuracy.

The features list of the rentals management tab is quite expansive, so we've broken it down.

  • Full Colour Coded Diary
  • Mouse drag to extend, shorten, change vehicle etc with automatic update
  • Automatic address lookup when a postcode is entered
  • Automatic flag alert should a hirer submit any name, address, telephone number, email address etc held on the Hireguard database.
  • Driver behaviour score (if the vehicle has a compatible tracker
  • Full search facility
  • Manage and allocate web bookings
  • Deleted Hires Listing
  • Hires held for Credit
  • Driver Photo Capture and Storage

Fleet management is vital in ensuring your hire operations run smoothly. iVech contains a number of key features to make managing your fleet easier.

  • View a list of all vehicles, sorted by make, model or even mileage
  • Store information against the vehicle, including TAX / MOT dates,
  • Categorise vehicles into as many Categories as you wish
  • Each vehicle category can have a tariff connected
  • Vehicle tariffs are customised for each company, meaning the system is unique to yourself
  • Calculate finance schedules against vehicles to see profit / loss each month
  • Sell, Defleet or mark vehicles as being off the road
  • 'Who Had the Vehicle' allows you to easily identify who was driving the vehicle at a specific moment in time
  • Transfer vehicles between branches

A hire operator's customer base is generally a mix between personal and corporate, with a large proportion being repeat customers.

To be geared towards this, iVech saves any customers (personal or corporate) for future reference, making processing hires for previous customers far quicker and smoother by prefilling vital information. Corporate hirers are given the added benefit of being tied into the inbuilt iVech accounting system, making full histories of rental, payment and invoices ready in a few clicks.

  • Store both account and non-account customers for reuse
  • Add drivers that can be reused for future rentals
  • Store drivers information including a photo
  • Easily see all rentals that a given hirer has booked
  • Export hirers for use outside the system
  • View a aged debtors report to track which account customers owe money

Damage to vehicles are a primary source of losses for all hire companies.

iVech provides a full damage management platform for keeping track of damage against vehicles. This fully links to our accounts package to track the cost of damage against vehicles.

  • Full damage cost and recovered revenue analysis
  • Current damage posted to the rental agreement
  • Photographs of individual damage items can be uploaded and stored, for future reference, and repairs are linked to the accounting package
  • Unrepaired Damage List
  • A full accident report can be submitted, including third party details
  • Marking items as repaired and including costs auto populates finance reports

Having a detailed reporting system is vital for your businesses health. By having access to daily reports you can make better informed decisions relating to the over all long and short term running of your business, ensuring your venture stays lucrative.

All of iVechs reports are generated on demand, and are presented in easily readable tables and charts, saving you a great deal of time calculating profit/loss, keeping track of invoices and will enable you to more effectively use your fleet with detailed fleet utilisation. More so, because all reports are generated on demand by the application, there are no additional charges or limits to the number of reports that can be generated in place.

  • Full sales and income reports over any vehicle types from full fleet to individual, over any period
  • All reports are generated on demand, and are presented in easily readable, printable tables or charts
  • No additional charges or limits to the number of reports that can be generated in place
  • Full utilisation reports of any vehicle, group of vehicles or full fleet including visual graphs over any period
  • Income breakdown
  • Real time estimated fleet value and outstanding finance

Keeping track of finances is important for any business, with iVech, our built in accounts make it easy.

Accounting within iVech is a free optional extra and does not have to be enabled.

Recently, we have spent a lot of time focused on the account package which is included within iVech at no additional cost. Within the accounts package, you are presented with a multitude of reports. Each report is automatically calculated and is exportable in both PDF and Excel format. Some of the many reports include:

  • Purchase Ledger
  • Fixed Asset Report
  • VAT Return
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Aged Creditors Report
  • Aged Debtors Report

The accountancy reports are available for any date range you require and are always there at the click of a button saving you both time and money. You can even add 'guest access' allowing your accountant to login and get access to the information they need.

iVech now provides a facility to export accountancy information for use with multiple 3rd party applications. eg. Sage, Xero, etc.

Complete Hireguard Integration for Protection Against Fraudsters & High Risk Hirers

Hireguard is a shared intelligence database for hire operators only. As a hire operator, you will be aware, or unfortunately have suffered from fraud, theft, or unrecoverable losses, as a result of hiring to certain individuals or companies will move around from one hire operator to another, rebnting multiple vehicles with false documentation and credit cards. Cars which the hire operators are unlikely to see again

By integrating Hireguard into iVech, you are given fast, transparent access to Hireguard, providing hirer and driver risk assessments without increases in time taken to process hirers.

  • Automatic high risk hirer alert
  • Complete Hireguard integration out-of-the-box, with only an API key required for indentification (Please contact Hireguard to obtain an API key).
  • Seemlessly searching for potential high risk hirers while inserting the Hirer and Driver details enables your staff to perform accurate risk assessments, without increases in the time taken to add customer information.
  • Integration makes adding High Risk hirers to the Hireguard Database easy, saving you from logging into Hireguards dedicated portal.

Find out more about Hireguard on their dedicated website and portal for hire companies (external link)

Complete integration with tracking companies allows for you to see where your vehicles are and who has them.

  • See where all your vehicles are in real time
  • Select a specific vehicle to zoom on it's location
  • Vehicles tracked across the globe

With Trak Global there are additional features which we can provide:

  • View the drivers behaviour including speed and smoothness

We currently integrate with the following companies, with more on the way soon! Can't see your tracking company listed? Contact us and let us know!

Document storage provided by Dropbox

iVech integrates with Dropbox to provide a direct way to upload and store documents within our system.

  • Upload documents against the driver, hirer, rental or vehicle
  • Documents can be viewed and downloaded at any point
  • Get 2GB of free space, with upgrade options available via Dropbox
  • All files are backed up at no additional cost!

Read more about Dropbox on our blog.

Security is of prime concern at iVech. In a modern age, keeping data secure is not only essential for a healthy business, it is also a matter of law.

We've included many security technologies and features to keep you and your customer's data safe.

  • Cloud based technology removes the risk of data being damaged or stolen from your place of work
  • All connections to our servers are done via standard 256-bit SSL encryption
  • We provide multi user levels, meaning different staff members have different permissions in the system
  • Activity logs, meaning directors can see exactly what has happened in the system
  • Settings are 100% customisable so you can tweak the system to match your business
  • IP based whitelisting allows you to block external access to the system
  • Staff pin numbers allow staff member to do important tasks whilst tracking full accountability

iVech on the Road - Take our mobile friendly web applicaion with you!

iVech is both cloud based and mobile friendly providing an ideal platform to run your business on the road. Remote access opens up numerous opportunities whilst using iVech including:

  • Report access for management whilst out of the office
  • Electronic customer signatures via the use of a tablet or smart phone
  • Email customer documents directly to them upon delivery of a vehicle
  • Fully mobile and tablet friendly design

We pride ourselves on providing top level support for our iVech rental system

iVech is in constant development, with new features being added on a monthly basis along with bug fixes and minor improvements, all of which have been suggested by our customers. We aim to make the software as easy as possible, with the customers at the forefront of our product.

We also provide top quality support to our customers with a team of dedicated support staff who will endeavor to solve issues over the phone, or log them with our senior developers to get the issues fixed.

iVech can be contacted by using our standard telephone number 0191 460 3263 or email address support@ivech.co.uk

All the 'other' stuff iVech has to offer.

Whilst we may have highlighted all the main features of the iVech system, there is a lot more to see. The following is an additional list of features iVech can provide. If the functionality you require is not listed below please feel free to get in touch, it may still be available or we may be able to offer a custom solution.

  • PCO Licence management for Taxi/Uber rental companies
  • Customer 'Do Not Hire' Alert - an internal feature to avoid hiring to nuisance customers
  • Not based in the UK? Change your currency at the click of a button