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About iVech

iVech is a vehicle rental management and vehicle lease system that has been designed by software engineers who, before they even started planning the system, worked on the front desk of a vehicle hire business for 12 months, so that they had a full insight into the needs and requirements of a vehicle hire operating system. The result is that iVech is designed to give maximum security and control of the vehicle fleet, and integrates with the Hireguard* database to give optimum intelligence and automatic warning against high risk hirers.
The system allows you a full record of your fleet, customers, hires, invoices, vehicles, payments, amounts owed and much more.
The system also integrates with your tracking system, should your vehicles be fitted with trackers, the rental operator has direct information, on driver behaviour, speeding, hard braking, acceleration, impacts and of course location. The system is able to issue alerts if the hire vehicle enters certain areas, ports etc, and also gives alerts should it leave the UK
iVech car rental and leasing software has been designed to be as simple and easy to use to use as possible, it has fully variable access settings, administrator, manager, director etc and can link in to front end sites for on line bookings and emails.
For more information on the iVech vehicle rental software please call us now on 0191 460 3263 or contact us using email via our contact page

Our Team

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Frank M. Perez

Senior IT Specialist

Marsha C. Wood

Web Developer

Kim M. McCabe

Product Designer

Dexter H. Wilson

CEO & Founder