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Thinking of leaving your current software supplier?

Changing from your existing software provider, to iVech, does not mean losing your previous data.

If you are currently using another software system and would like to change to iVech, we can arrange the migration of your data from your current system. This migration can be arranged to take place at a time and date convienient to you.

Migrating your data is as easy as:

  1. Ask your current software company to provide an export of your data
  2. We take a look at the data and import a draft for your inspection
  3. Once happy, we set a date and time when you get the data from your current provider and we import the full dataset at the same time
  4. Switch to using iVech straight away where all your new data belongs
easily migrate data from your old supplier to iVech

There are no setup fees or costs to having your data migrated to iVech. Contact us today to start the migration process.

Advantages of our data migration service include:

  • No loss of your current data
  • Data belongs to you
  • Minimise distribution between changing software
  • No setup fees or costs!