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System Release Notes

iVech is updated on a regular basis with improvements and bug fixes. Due to the nature of the cloud based application, majority of these updates are applied in the background without any system downtime. You can find a full list of releases and features here.

iVech 3.5.0 is the next major version of iVech. This update includes many under the hood upgrades ready for the launch of our iVech Assist Mobile Application. Due to the nature of this update, this will be rolled out gradually over the next couple of weeks.

  • FEATURE: Vehicle Maps - assign frog diagrams against vehicle types
  • FEATURE: Merge Customers - easily search and merge duplicate customers together
  • IMPROVEMENT: Vehicle tracking now supports multiple tracking companies
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed layout of rental documents to support new iVech Assist documents
  • IMPROVEMENT: Scheduled Invoicing

We're excited to announce the launch of our brand new Android application - iVech Assist. We're currently testing this first version of the application with select customers as part of iVech 3.5.0. We hope to roll out an iPhone / iPad version of the app later this year.

  • FEATURE: Check-out vehicles including damages, signatures, photos and more.
  • FEATURE: Check-in vehicles including damages, signatures, photos and more.
  • FEATURE: Offline more - download the data in a morning but heading out the office.

This patch brings very important updates to iVech in reference to document and photo storage.

  • FEATURE: Google Drive Integration
  • UPDATE: Removed Dropbox Integration for new customers

This launch includes support for additional payment gateways.

  • Pay 360
  • Opayo (Sagepay)
  • Barclays

This latest patch contains a large number of bug fixes and minor improvements;

  • UPDATE: Minor fixes made across our latest integrations (Signable and Davis)
  • UPDATE: Improvements to the API for better website integrations
  • FEATURE: Fleetworks Integration
  • FEATURE: Uncollected vehicles widget, showing all vehicles that haven't been collected

This month we launched the very first version of Manage My Rental - a simple to manage customer portal. With the launch of the system, the following actions can be carried out;

  • Account customers can be issued with usernames / passwords to login to the portal
  • Access to the portal can be easily managed within iVech
  • Customers can view a list of their past, present and future rentals
  • For vehicles currently on hire, customers can see important information such as;
  • Tax / MOT service dates & reminders
  • Service history for the vehicle

We've got lots more great features planned which will be released over the coming months - got feedback? get in touch.

Over the next few months, we will be migrating all iVech customers onto our new cloud infrastructure. For all customers, there will be around 10 minutes of downtime during out of office hours. Our new infrastructure is more secure, speedier and also runs on 100% green electricity from sources such as sun, wind and sea.

We're delighted to have launched the first version of Book My Hire this month. The first version includes a very basic set of features which include;

  • Full customer booking process
  • Flexible tariffs
  • Live availability
  • Images and vehicle data
  • Rental Extras
  • Email & SMS confirmations
  • Payment gateway support for stripe and sagepay

The latest version of iVech is a major release which includes 3 major features;

Accountancy Improvements

We have been working hard on updating and improving the accountancy and invoicing side of iVech.
New export tools for popular accountancy systems including Sage and Quickbooks
Invoicing improved with features including split payments and editing
You can also create a consolidated invoice for companies who have more than 1 hire

Driver Licence Checks

We have been working with a company called Davis to offer licence checks within iVech. For a small fee, drivers can give consent for you to access their licence ahead of them visiting. This will pull the data into iVech automatically for you, including any endorsements that may be on the licence.

Signable Integration

Signable offers contracts to be sent to customers in advance, so they can be e-signed ahead of schedule. This feature is also ideal for business’ who may have someone in the office sign part of the rental agreement. This feature can be setup within your iVech settings.

The latest version of iVech is a major release which includes a large number of new features and many more bug fixes from over the last 9 months. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Marketing Preferences – when adding a rental / customer, you can opt the customer into communication methods for SMS / email / post
  • FEATURE: Vehicle Preparation – a new tool for valeters which allow them to mark a vehicle as ready for hire
  • FEATURE: For companies, you can now assign ‘drivers’ to the company profile. When adding a rental for this company, it will automatically add these drivers to the rental
  • FEATURE: New insurance utilisation report showing the split across COI / Lessors insurance
  • FEATURE: New marketing report, which for a given period will display the ‘referral’ status of rentals added to the system (if you selected a referer when adding the rental)
  • FEATURE: Tracking now includes both in-car cleverness and Quartix
  • FEATURE: You can now auto-email payment receipts when a payment is added against a rental
  • FEATURE: You can now track fuel levels and mileage per rental including swapovers
  • FEATURE: SMS Messages – We’ve introduced placeholders for messages – you can now include the customer name / rental details.
  • FEATURE: Personal Reminders – We’ve introduced personal reminders to iVech. When logged in, you’ll receive notifications from the top right of the navigation. This will remind you of a number of personal tasks that you need to complete. This list includes;
    • COI – When a rental using COI is returned, the system will notify you as a reminder to put this back onto your fleet insurance
  • FEATURE: You can now email all customer statements in one simple statement run – this button can be found within the invoicing section
  • FEATURE: Split payments on invoices – now you can assign multiple payments against invoices
  • FEATURE: Deposits can now be transferred between rentals
  • UPDATE: If a vehicle tracker is able to track the driver behavior, this now shows under a ‘telematics’ tab in the rental (currently only applicable to trak global)
  • UPDATE: The dashboard has had a small face lift to tidy and make it easier to view content. It also includes new features relating to the valet tools section
  • UPDATE: The drivers screen (within a rental) has had a face lift prior to the launch of a new DVLA check a licence service
  • UPDATE: SMS has been updated and removed some old functions that no longer worked
  • UPDATE: You can now purchase SMS credits direct in the system
  • UPDATE: There has been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements to our container storage plugin
    • This includes a storage container utlisation report
  • UPDATE: When exporting customers, the system will inform you of their communication opt ins and the last date consent was updated
  • UPDATE: We’ve improve the rental search – you can now use multiple search terms. The design also works better on mobile
  • UPDATE: We’ve made a few small bug fixes and improvements to the mileage & fuel tracking throughout the system
  • UPDATE: You can now change the monetary symbol via system settings
  • UPDATE: You can now email a credit from within a rental
  • UPDATE: Introduced a storage utilisation report for those using the iVech storage plugin
  • BUG: Cost of fuel now accept decimal values, previous they had to be whole numbers
  • BUG: Invoices now display the vehicle information for when the invoice was created, not the current reg
The latest iVech release is focused mainly around bug fixes and minor usability improvements. The update contains 2 updates and 3 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • UPDATE: You can now preview Dropbox documents instead of having to download them
  • UPDATE: Minor improvements to our new storage plugin
  • BUG: Fixed an issue which stopped the exporting of hirers
  • BUG: Fixed a bug which stopped credits from showing on the daily report / sales breakdown
  • BUG: Fixed issue which allowed off road vehicles to showing on returning vehicles
  • PLUS: other minor fixes across the system
The latest iVech release is a major milestone as we pull together updates over a 3 month span and release them to all of our customers. The update contains 8 new features, 8 updates and 5 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: You can now set service warning days & miles to get reminders on the dashboard
  • FEATURE: From the dashboard you can now easily see how many vehicles you have available over the next 24 hours
  • FEATURE: Integration with Dropbox so you can now store files within the system (more details here)
  • FEATURE: You can now save and store rental quotations, these can be emailed to customers before they confirm a booking
  • FEATURE: Each rental extra can now have their own default VAT rate
  • FEATURE: Introduced our BETA version of a storage container plugin – this is an upcoming additional iVech feature
  • FEATURE: Convert a security deposit to payment
  • FEATURE: Hirers and Drivers have now become Customers making it easier to search and amend their information
  • UPDATE: Invoicing from within a rental has had an update to make it easier and clearer to use
  • UPDATE: Vehicle swapover date / time defaults to the current moment in time instead of the start of the rental
  • UPDATE: When adding / refunding a deposit, you can change the payment date if needed
  • UPDATE: Minor improvements to web bookings for those who use the web based features
  • UPDATE: You can now search rentals via an order number or email address
  • UPDATE: We’ve now introduced multiple VAT rates across the system
  • UPDATE: Added Outlook as a SMTP host option
  • UPDATE: Daily Report now displays the last four digits of card
  • BUG: Fixed a minor bug on the ‘who had the vehicle’ tool
  • BUG: Fixed minor issues with VAT Receipts
  • BUG: Fixed a minor bug which stopped the user from marking unpaid invoices as paid on the invoices dashboard
  • BUG: When signed in as a multi branch user, payments are now assigned against the correct branch
  • BUG: Drivers test date was showing as not required, it now shows correctly that the date is required
  • PLUS: Many more minor bug fixes and slight system improvements
The latest iVech release contains 3 new features, 3 updates and 1 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Staff members can now delete payments against a supplier
  • FEATURE: Modal windows are now draggable
  • FEATURE: You can now store a forwarding address against a rental
  • UPDATE: Standard permissions updated with further permissions set across the system
  • UPDATE: New merchant options added to the merchant settings
  • UPDATE: You can now change the currency symbol used across iVech
  • BUG: Minor bug fixes on the cancelled rentals page
The latest iVech release contains 2 new features, 3 updates and 2 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Auto Receipts – If a customer has an email address, once a payment has been added, the system will automatically email them a receipt
  • FEATURE: We’ve introduced scheduled invoicing which will automatically invoice account customers by setting a default invoice to your schedule.
  • UPDATE: European hires now show up on the valeters sheet
  • UPDATE: Ability to mark an invoice as paid using the payment method ‘Credit’
  • UPDATE: Holidays now only allow company directors to cancel a holiday after it has already been approved
  • BUG: Fixed a minor issue which stopped an invoice from sending to a different email address other than the original
  • BUG: Fixed a few log messages to contain more information
The latest iVech release contains 2 new features and 3 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: New permission settings are in place, giving your valeters, accountants and staff members all different access. Read more in our separate blog post.
  • FEATURE: When adding a new rental, you can include a customer referer for your own records
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue with missing house name / number of the create misc invoice page
  • BUG: Minor bug fixes to the diary
  • BUG: Tidied some misc functions to make them work quicker
The latest iVech release contains 1 new features, 3 updates and 6 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: You are now able to email office rental agreements
  • UPDATE: You are now able to change the amount of days the diary displays
  • UPDATE: Further changes to the accountancy package within iVech
  • UPDATE: Standard rental agreement can now show VAT
  • BUG: Minor fixes to the rentals search page
  • BUG: Minor fixes when extending a rental
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue which stopped certain levels from cancelling rentals
  • BUG: Fixed an issue which stopped sales information and charts from showing in the system
  • BUG: Fixed a minor issue which stopped the approval of holidays on a mobile device
  • BUG: Minor improvements to the Hireguard integration
The latest iVech release contains 6 new features, 6 updates and 8 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Our new accounts package has gone live, which includes VAT returns and a new interface
  • FEATURE: New report for all rentals with outstanding balance has gone live
  • FEATURE: New report for account customers with no invoices against rentals has gone live
  • FEATURE: The system now includes an aged creditors report as part of the accounts package
  • FEATURE: Significant backend enhancements which make it easier to deploy updates in the future
  • FEATURE: New vehicle status location report has been added – ideal for audits
  • UPDATE: Potential extensions now block the booking of a rental for 28 days after the potential extension
  • UPDATE: Accounting reports can now be found in the accounts tab
  • UPDATE: Minor improvements to the way holidays are displayed on the dashboard
  • UPDATE: When creating a misc invoice, you are now able to print and email from the same page
  • UPDATE: CDW now automatically updates on the extension of a rental
  • UPDATE: Vehicle financial information has been improved to automatically generate payment schedules
  • BUG: Minor fixes to the diary
  • BUG: Minor bug fixes against some of the reports
  • BUG: Fixed a minor issue with the invoicing credits system – they can now be marked as paid
  • BUG: Fixed minor issues with the new website control panel
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where CDW outstanding cost wasn’t calculating correctly
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where you were not able to proceed to page two on the suppliers activities table
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where you were unable to select a vehicle from within rental credits
  • BUG: Fixed minor issues on the supplier activity pages
The latest iVech release contains 3 new features and 1 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Upgraded website control panel has now gone live – manage your website easier (for website customers only)
  • FEATURE: Ability to store credit information against rental for credit hire customers
  • FEATURE: Reminders on homepage now show upcoming euro hires
  • BUG: Fixed issue which prevented custom hirer tariffs from calculating on the add rental form
The latest iVech release contains 3 important bug fixes. This version also includes some database changes ready for a future release of iVech. Please click the post title to read more.
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where the rental agreement was showing the wrong deposit amount
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue which stopped you from updating the warning day settings
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue with signatures not aligning correctly on the rental agreement
The latest iVech release contains 4 new features, 3 updates and 6 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: You can now include a forwarding address on a rental – see the ‘additional information’ tab
  • FEATURE: MyProfile – access your information and holidays by using the MyProfile link
  • FEATURE: You are now able to create credits for account customers
  • FEATURE: Updated accounts package including VAT returns and bank reconciliation
  • UPDATE: Vehicle Damage Details has been overhauled so you can add misc damage, repair damage and more without leaving the page
  • UPDATE: Do Not Hires now show in the previous hirers dropdown when adding a new rental
  • UPDATE: Text on the confirmation letters have now been updated
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where car seats were not showing for web bookings
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where holidays added as 0.99% of a day rather than 1
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue when calculating mileage excess for ex VAT customers
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue which prevented the ‘create invoice’ page to load
  • BUG: Fixed minor issues on the hirer’s invoices page relating to emailing invoices
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue with the card holder eSignature not populating