iVech Pricing

At iVech, we maintain a very simple pricing structure making it easy for you to understand our charges. We don't charge setup fees and include all of our features for free. You'll only need to pay for SMS messaging, whilst Vehicle & Address look ups will always remain free! You can also add additional branches to your system for 50% of the first branch. There is no minimum contract length too!

First Branch Additional Branches
Paying Weekly £25 £12.50
Paying Monthly £100 £50
Paying Yearly £1100 £550

Do you have less that 30 vehicles?

We understand that operating a small fleet of vehicles requires keeping cost to a minimum. As an introductory offer for fleets of 30 vehicles or less, iVech now offers the below pricing. Pricing will revert to the above standard pricing upon increase of the fleet size to over 30 vehicles. Additional terms apply for the below pricing, please contact ivech for more information.

Single Branch Only
Paying Weekly £12.50
Paying Monthly £54.00
Paying Yearly £650.00
* All prices exclude VAT.

Some of the many included features:

  • Full Rental & Fleet Management
  • Rental Diary
  • Damage Recording & Management
  • Fully Managed Tariffs
  • Full Accounting Package
  • DVLA Vehicle Lookups
  • Postcode Lookups