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9th August 2019 03:12PM

Version 3.3.0
The latest version of iVech is a major release which includes a large number of new features and many more bug fixes from over the last 9 months. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Marketing Preferences – when adding a rental / customer, you can opt the customer into communication methods for SMS / email / post
  • FEATURE: Vehicle Preparation – a new tool for valeters which allow them to mark a vehicle as ready for hire
  • FEATURE: For companies, you can now assign ‘drivers’ to the company profile. When adding a rental for this company, it will automatically add these drivers to the rental
  • FEATURE: New insurance utilisation report showing the split across COI / Lessors insurance
  • FEATURE: New marketing report, which for a given period will display the ‘referral’ status of rentals added to the system (if you selected a referer when adding the rental)
  • FEATURE: Tracking now includes both in-car cleverness and Quartix
  • FEATURE: You can now auto-email payment receipts when a payment is added against a rental
  • FEATURE: You can now track fuel levels and mileage per rental including swapovers
  • FEATURE: SMS Messages – We’ve introduced placeholders for messages – you can now include the customer name / rental details.
  • FEATURE: Personal Reminders – We’ve introduced personal reminders to iVech. When logged in, you’ll receive notifications from the top right of the navigation. This will remind you of a number of personal tasks that you need to complete. This list includes;
    • COI – When a rental using COI is returned, the system will notify you as a reminder to put this back onto your fleet insurance
  • FEATURE: You can now email all customer statements in one simple statement run – this button can be found within the invoicing section
  • FEATURE: Split payments on invoices – now you can assign multiple payments against invoices
  • FEATURE: Deposits can now be transferred between rentals
  • UPDATE: If a vehicle tracker is able to track the driver behavior, this now shows under a ‘telematics’ tab in the rental (currently only applicable to trak global)
  • UPDATE: The dashboard has had a small face lift to tidy and make it easier to view content. It also includes new features relating to the valet tools section
  • UPDATE: The drivers screen (within a rental) has had a face lift prior to the launch of a new DVLA check a licence service
  • UPDATE: SMS has been updated and removed some old functions that no longer worked
  • UPDATE: You can now purchase SMS credits direct in the system
  • UPDATE: There has been a number of minor bug fixes and improvements to our container storage plugin
    • This includes a storage container utlisation report
  • UPDATE: When exporting customers, the system will inform you of their communication opt ins and the last date consent was updated
  • UPDATE: We’ve improve the rental search – you can now use multiple search terms. The design also works better on mobile
  • UPDATE: We’ve made a few small bug fixes and improvements to the mileage & fuel tracking throughout the system
  • UPDATE: You can now change the monetary symbol via system settings
  • UPDATE: You can now email a credit from within a rental
  • UPDATE: Introduced a storage utilisation report for those using the iVech storage plugin
  • BUG: Cost of fuel now accept decimal values, previous they had to be whole numbers
  • BUG: Invoices now display the vehicle information for when the invoice was created, not the current reg


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