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4th March 2016 01:12PM

Version 2.5.0
The latest iVech release contains 6 new features, 6 updates and 8 bug fixes. Please click the post title to read more.
  • FEATURE: Our new accounts package has gone live, which includes VAT returns and a new interface
  • FEATURE: New report for all rentals with outstanding balance has gone live
  • FEATURE: New report for account customers with no invoices against rentals has gone live
  • FEATURE: The system now includes an aged creditors report as part of the accounts package
  • FEATURE: Significant backend enhancements which make it easier to deploy updates in the future
  • FEATURE: New vehicle status location report has been added – ideal for audits
  • UPDATE: Potential extensions now block the booking of a rental for 28 days after the potential extension
  • UPDATE: Accounting reports can now be found in the accounts tab
  • UPDATE: Minor improvements to the way holidays are displayed on the dashboard
  • UPDATE: When creating a misc invoice, you are now able to print and email from the same page
  • UPDATE: CDW now automatically updates on the extension of a rental
  • UPDATE: Vehicle financial information has been improved to automatically generate payment schedules
  • BUG: Minor fixes to the diary
  • BUG: Minor bug fixes against some of the reports
  • BUG: Fixed a minor issue with the invoicing credits system – they can now be marked as paid
  • BUG: Fixed minor issues with the new website control panel
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where CDW outstanding cost wasn’t calculating correctly
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where you were not able to proceed to page two on the suppliers activities table
  • BUG: Fixed minor issue where you were unable to select a vehicle from within rental credits
  • BUG: Fixed minor issues on the supplier activity pages


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